SYRIAN MEDICARE Chain 2011 is Accompanied By :

Due to its huge success in bringing never-before met exhibiting medical-healthcare pharmaceutical- laboratory companies and to the great success that previous conferences has witnessed among Syrian Medicare past sessions, three major conferences are simultaneously integrated into Syrian Medicare chain 2011 in collaboration with several medical association & societies with the support of Syrian Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education, Syrian Medical Association & The Scientific Council for Pharmaceutical Industries

Medicare & Health Scientific Conference

In Cooperation with:
 Syrian Cardiovascular Association
 Syrian Diabetes Association
 The Syrian Association of laparoscopic Surgery
 Syrian Association of Gynecological Endoscopy
 The Syrian Urological Society

LAB Tech Scientific Conference

In Cooperation with:
 Syrian Clinical Laboratory Association

The 1st Scientific Conference for Syrian Pharmaceutical Industries

In Cooperation with:
 Scientific Council for Pharmaceutical Industries
 Arab Union of the Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Appliances

All of those 3 major scientific conferences will be covering the most updated topics by several specialists and researchers worldwide concerning the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Elite physicians and professors are participating, Key persons from all medical sector in Syria such as hospital directors , pharmaceutical factories, laboratories equipment and medical equipment companies will be participating in addition to ensuring a good turnout of high diversified quality visitors. Additional details will be presented by the show management upon request.