Corporate logo distinguish appearance under the title of Golden sponsor on all of the following: 


  • Prime Location at the exhibition area space: 9 Sq/M  ( free of charge )
  • Event Sales Brochures Corporate Name / Logo Placement.
  • Marketing Campaign: Your Corporate logo will be distinguished in all our marketing                        materials and channels such as newspapers and all related social media. 
  • Internal Presence at External Markets:

More than 5000 flyers and leaflets will carry your corporate logo, and will be distributed in most major specialized exhibitions the organizer always attends such as:

Medica ( Düsseldorf – Germany ) Arab Health (Dubai – UAE)
  • Road Banner Ads : ( Street banners & Electro (LED) banners available in Damascus ) 
  • Electro Media Banner Ads: Screen inside the exhibition area  ( 10 second ad – Frequent )  

 Main page will be your target with link to the sponsor page. 

  • Event Personal Invitations: 10.000 pies will be distributed worldwide to exhibitors’ clients,

       visitors, commercial sections, clinic centers, hospitals, medical personnel, Arab & Foreign 

       embassies,  businessmen and related bodies. Your ads. will be realized by all your competitors

  • One Full Colored Adv. Page at the Exhibitor’s Directory:   ( width 14 cm x 21 cm. – 120 pixels/cm.)
  • Sponsor’s CD-ROM Back Cover   
  • Posters 50 x 70 cm.: 500 copies Placed in all government & private hospitals, medical clinics and other

      related specified sectors  in Syria.

  • Your Key To Syrian Medicare 2022 Corporate Logo Placement.

      Which will be Distributed during the exhibition to all the visitors.

  • Visitor Badges back side                   

Certificates of Appreciation to the exhibitors with your Corporate logo placed on