The General Terms & Conditions :

  • In these conditions the term ” Exhibitor ” means the signatory of this application and includes all employees or agents of such and the term ” Exhibition ” means that described on the reverse hereof.” The Organizer” means United for Exhibitions and Media Services

When a payment for space is not made when due any previous deposit may be forfeited and the space re-allotted by the ” Organizer “.

  • The “Organizer” shall have full power to determine in every respect the allocation of areas and position of space and he shall be entitled for any reason which in his sole opinion is in the general interest of the ” Exhibition ” to vary the general layout or the situation and area of any particular stand even if already allotted and the” Exhibitor ” shall accept such new allotment of space in substitution of that originally allotted.
  • The ” Exhibitor ” is not to assign or sublet any part of the space allotted to him nor may advertise for firms who are not bona fide exhibits on his stand. In the event of default from any cause whatsoever, the ” Organizer “shall have the right to retain all sums paid and shall deal with the space in any way he thinks best.
  • The” Exhibitor ” will be totally responsible for the cost of restoring to its original condition any part of the land or structure occupied by him which has been altered or damaged in any way.
  • The ” Organizer ” will not be responsible for the safety of any exhibit or property of any, Exhibitor, for the loss of, or damage, or destruction to same, by theft, or fire, or other cause whatsoever, or for any loss or damage whatsoever sustained by any ” Exhibitor ” by reason of any defect in a building caused by fire, storm, tempest, lightning, national emergency, war, civil disturbances, explosion, force majeure, or any other clause not within the control of the” Organizer ” . Therefore, the ” Exhibitor ” is advised to cover himself by insurance in respect thereof to any extent available.
  • In no event shall the” Exhibitor ” have any claim for damages of any kind against the ” Organizer ” in respect of any loss or damage consequential upon the prevention, or postponement or abandonment of the ” Exhibition ” by reason of the happening or any of the events referred to, the” Organizer ” shall be entitled to retain all sums paid by the ” Exhibitor ” by rearrangement or postponement of the period of the” Exhibition ” .
  • Breach of contract and Withdrawal by the ” Exhibitor ” Without prejudice to the rights and remedies of the ” Organizer ” in respect of any breach of the Contract on the part of the ” Exhibitor ” the ” Organizer ” may at his discretion allow the” Exhibitor ” to withdraw from the” Exhibition ” subject to the following conditions.

A) The” Exhibitor ” must give written notice to the ” Organizer ” that he desires to withdraw and if the ” Organizer ” allows such withdrawal he will notify the” Exhibitor ” of his decision in writing.

B) Any such notification by the” Organizer ” to the ” Exhibitor ” will constitute a cancellation of the Contract subject to the payment by the ” Exhibitor ” to the ” Organizer ” of a consideration for release from the Contract.

C) The amount of such payment will be specified in the” Organizer’s ” notification to the ” Exhibitor ” and will be that proportion of the space rental payable under the contract specified in the second column below which appears beside the dated in the first column below upon which the ” Organizer ” receives the notification from the ” Exhibitor “.

Date of Receipt by “Organizer” of Notice of WithdrawalProportion of Space
Rental Payable %
If notified sixty days prior to the exhibit date25%
If notified fifty nine to thirty days prior to the exhibit date50%
If notified twenty nine to eight days prior to the exhibit date75%
If notified seven days to one day prior to the exhibit date100%

9. The use of the devices for mechanical reproduction of sound or music is permitted, but must be controlled. Sound of any kind must not be projected outside the confines of the exhibit area.
10. Insurance for fire, other damage and theft must be taken out by each ” Exhibitor ” at his own expense.
11. The” Exhibitor ” will be allowed to erect and decorate his stand according to the date and time stipulated by the” Organizer ” .
12. The ” Exhibitor ” shall comply with all government laws, rules, regulations and ordinances in force in Syria. The ” Organizer ” can not accept any complaint or claim against him unless it is submitted in writing to the address given below within two weeks of the closing dated of the” Exhibition ” . All claims and disputes shall be settled in accordance with Syrian laws and regulations.

   All communications are to be addressed to

Please return this form to the organisers:
United for Exhibitions & Conferences
P. O. Box: 6454 Damascus – Syria
Tel.: 00963-11-33 12 123
Fax: 00963-11-33 12 423